Monday, April 25, 2016

2 Things NYC Does Better Than the South

Don’t get me wrong, the south is my favorite. It’s my home. Which is why I could only think of 2 things that New York does better than the south.

The NYC skyline is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and no one can tell me any different. It doesn’t matter the time of day, if it’s rainy or sunny, or if you’re in Manhattan or headed out to Staten Island, the skyline always looks magnificent. There have been so many times since I’ve moved here when things got really tough and I felt like I had made the wrong decision. Like I couldn’t make it here. Like I should have stayed in Texas. But it never fails that when I take a step back and get a glimpse of this incredible city I am quickly reminded why I chose this place.

In New York making time for people is an intentional act. You often have to go out of your way to schedule in some time for someone because everyone here has a busy, hectic, insane schedule. We’re all committed to ten thousand different activities, and free time frequently doesn’t line up. That’s what makes relationships in New York so special. You know that the other person made an intentional effort to spend time with you, to ask how you’re doing, to go to Duane Reade with you because you don’t want to go alone. The relationships that are made in New York are ones that will last forever. They’re the friends that you get to know really well really quickly. The friends that invite you back to their hometown so that you can see exactly where they came from. The friends that you would fly across the country to watch them get married. These are those forever friendships.


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