Monday, April 4, 2016

A True Southern Belle

Lindsey Girkin, from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, moved to New York City almost a year ago. Y’all, she is truly a southern belle. Check out our conversation on her life as a Southerner of New York!
Have you always lived in the south?
“Yeah, I have always lived there. My dad actually bought back the house that he grew up in, so it’s the house I grew up in.”

What is your favorite part of being southern?
“The food and SEC football, Woo Pig Sooie! I like Mexican food, but they only have weird taco things here that aren’t real. My favorite bbq place at home is called Bubba’s BBQ, and yes that’s really the name. My roommate’s twitter is filled with tweets using the hashtag ‘Things Southerners Say’ and they’re all quotes of me. I’ve said some pretty rad things about the south.”

 Is there anything that you do or places you go in the city that remind you of the south?
There’s this Arkansas sports bar that one of my professors told me about. Everyone just calls the hogs together. I put up this American flag in my living room, and sometimes I go and look at my flag and listen to George Strait or Luke Bryan. I also love to wear my chacos.”

What does New York have that the south doesn’t?
“I guess people dress better here. New York has better coffee and there’s Insomnia Cookies. Also, people watch hockey here. I went to a game once here even though I’m not really into it. Those people are savages. I do love men’s lacrosse. That’s something we do not have in the south.”

What do you miss most about the south?
“The people there are friendly. I miss sitting on the porch at night, kids tossing the football, and football games. Everyone watched SEC football all day Saturday. Even if you are yelling War Damn Eagle or Roll Tide, you’re still cool. I also miss people knowing what Enos are. When you say it here people think you’re talking about an emu, but that’s not it.”

 Do you think that you will ever move back to the south?
“Maybe like Florida or something. I just wish New York had been built below the Mason-Dixon Line. I love the opportunities that New York has, so I don’t see myself leaving soon. People are probably surprised that I don’t want to move back to Arkansas, but really other than its total lack of sunshine, New York is the bomb. I get to do my homework at the Stock Exchange, go see a hipster concert, and sneak into swanky vip lounges all in one day. It rocks.


  1. Best one yet!!! I am so interested in the comparisons πŸ‘πŸ» keep it up

  2. I love all your interviews. It must be fun meeting all these new people!