Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I sat down with Tim Stratton, from Greer, South Carolina, this week and asked him about his life in the South and how it’s changed since moving to New York City almost 3 years ago.

And yes, he did the entire interview in his southern accent.
What is your favorite part of being southern?
“Obviously the great accents. No but really, definitely the southern hospitality.”

 Why did you decide to leave the south and move to New York?
“I wanted to live in a big city and Atlanta didn’t cut it. Plus, I knew I wanted to go to a Christian college, but I didn’t want to go to a school in the middle of nowhere.”

 Is there anything that you do or places you go in the city that remind you of the south?
“I occasionally go to The Liberty, which is the bar that hosts the NYC Clemson fan club, to watch the Clemson football games.”

 What does New York have that the south doesn’t?
“The city has more cultural diversity. And the south doesn’t have good Chinese food. Oh, and New York has pizza and bagels.”

What do you miss most about the south?
“I miss my family, football, the smell of freshly cut grass. The feeling of jumping in a cold pool on a hot summer afternoon and sitting on the back porch in the evening ‘shooting the breeze’ with the family. Also, I miss Bojangles and grits and fried green tomatoes. Did I already say Bojangles?”

 Do you think that you will ever move back to the south?
"Honestly, probably not. I really love New York and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I love the hustle and the speed of the city.”


  1. You are really getting to the heart of things

  2. Great job on the blog so far! My girlfriend and I live in Greenville, SC and Tim's (and your) story are inspiring. We're bigger city souls and have wanted to make the move for a long time. It would be so huge to know some Southerns and have friends that can prepare us a little or a lot :) Please continue to share your experiences and also how you prepared and pulled off the move - picking a good area, housing, etc. Love the Blog!