Monday, March 14, 2016

7 Reasons New York Is Not The South

I'm from a small town outside of Houston, Texas, and am unashamedly proud of my southern roots. I simply feel that the south is one of the greatest places in the world.

But somehow I ended up moving to New York City and making it my new home! Don't get me wrong, I love New York, but it is nothing compared to the south.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The Seasons 
It's practically always summer in the south which means eating ice cream on the front porch... in February

2. Hospitality
Southern gentlemen open doors for ladies without question, but New York men wait for women to open the door for them

3. Food

The south is the only place where people consider macaroni and mashed potatoes to be vegetables

4. Sweet Tea

There's nothing better than a pitcher of iced tea that you know your mamma mixed half of a bag of sugar into

5. Country Music

George Strait, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson. If you think these cowboys are from the north, well bless your heart

6. Accents

The only things sweeter in the south than the sweet tea are the accents

 7.  Football
In the south, Sundays are for the Lord and Saturdays are for the SEC


  1. You are a southern Belle for sure!!!

  2. Texas Forever. You're just visiting New York.

  3. I am the opposite ... Born in NY and moved to Texas. Nothing beats many things in the South, however, I have fond memories of our cherry trees, changing seasons and tunneling through the snow in our backyard. Don't even get me started on the bagels and pizza haha! As an adult is chose the South and it is deifintely my home!