Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Things Southerners of New York Miss Most About the South

Living in New York City is truly an incredible experience. It's a new adventure every day, and there are so many one of a kind opportunities here. That being said, when you're from the South it's hard to not miss home, even if you live in a place as cool as NYC.

Here are the top 3 things Southerners of New York miss the most about living in the South!

There is nothing like eating BBQ ribs, smothered in sauce on a Saturday afternoon. Something that I love about being home is when my dad is grilling while my brothers throw the football and my mom and I sit on the porch swing and watch it all happen. Come on, what's more southern than that?

The great outdoors are home to so many adventures. You can hike, or bike ride, or just explore new places. Unfortunately, in NY the closest we get to this is Central Park. Which is such a great place, one of my favorites actually, but still nothing compared to navigating through the woods or being on the beach.

Driving is the ultimate symbol of freedom, and it's something that southerners miss while in New York. Yes, some people here do drive, but that requires nearly getting hit every 10 seconds and sitting in horrendous traffic, and that's coming from a girl from Houston.

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